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4 Month Wellness Update I’ve struggled through my exercise regime for months. Often, I’ve found that whenever a plan or goal is made, something usually happens to interrupt it. That’s why discipline and perseverance are important to reaching goals. But when it involves stress and anxiety, it gets messy. InterruptionContinue Reading

wanderlust, travel, mountains, nature

I’ve been back ‘home’ for a year now. That is both tragic and okay-ish at the same time. I love seeing friends and family, eating the food that I longed for abroad, and revisiting America, but I never meant to stay. Wanderlust. The days crawl by and I am noContinue Reading

Woman looking out at boats in canal in venice italy

Venice is lovely. Let me begin with that because it is. I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Venice with my sister last Fall, during our three week European Tour. The leaves were changing and the air was still warm, but not hot. It was the perfect time ofContinue Reading

happy girl

It has been a rough few weeks for me. It’s hard to write when struggling through grief, stress, and reverse culture shock, so I’m taking the time to write about what makes me happy. There’s enough sadness and frustration in the world, so I want to focus on positive thingsContinue Reading

How to draw eyes

Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, I have always loved drawing eyes. They’re so mysterious and beautiful, right? But they can be a pain in the you-know-what to draw. I’ve put together a short tutorial of how to draw eyes. This is not the ONLY way,Continue Reading

Life is brief. We never have as much time as we think we do. No matter how much we try to be healthy, save up money, do the right thing, etc, the reality is that we have no control over how long or brief our existence is on Earth. TheContinue Reading

I’ve been having fun playing with my new illustration program. I love the ease of painting and drawing without all of the mess. Nothing beats a real life painting, but I don’t have the space to really get into it again, and I’m in an apartment with cream colored carpet,Continue Reading

I’ve done it! For the past five weeks I’ve exercised for five days a week! I’ve also been making healthier food choices and controlling portions. And you know what else? I’m discouraged. Impatience. It gets me every time. All the work and effort I’ve put in over the past monthContinue Reading

While living in South Korea, I had the pleasure of learning more about Korean culture and holidays. One of my favorite holidays was Seollal (설날), the Korean Lunar New Year. The Holiday Seollal is one of the biggest Korean holidays of the year and is celebrated on the first dayContinue Reading

I just found out about the most amazing FREE professional quality art program. Yes, I said it. FREE! I know many people swear by Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but why pay all that money when you can get an amazing alternative for free? It’s called Krita and you can findContinue Reading

Cleaning and organizing – I hate it. Obviously, I like to live in clean, somewhat neat spaces, but I hate the process of it all. My mom’s place holds many boxes from my childhood and college years. As an artist, I have the added clutter of finished and unfinished paintings,Continue Reading